Boost Resilience
Welcome Friend!

Thank you for stopping by. I am Maria, and feel excited to meet you.

This blog is dedicated to boosting resilience, increasing self-confidence and living a life of meaning and purpose.

My wish is to create a platform where you, I and others share resilience stories, tips and ideas. Let’s inspire each other to bounce back and feel even more empowered.

This blog is for you if you are going through a break up, are grieving a dear one, have lost or changed  jobs, have moved countries, are feeling stuck (at work, in life, in a relationship), or simply feel exhausted from life and challenges.  Perhaps you occasionally question “what’s the point of it all?” Maybe you want to boost your confidence, optimism and motivation so your dreams become alive. Maybe you seek inspiration to become a better human being – at home, at work, in your community and in the world.

Whatever the reason, may your visit remind you how powerful YOU are!  May you remember how many reasons you have to celebrate yourself and your life journey! 

Let’s buckle up and enjoy the ride of inspiration, empowerment and results!

We all have resilience. Life demands it. We rise again after setbacks. We alone can make it happen. And when we do, we gain strength, wisdom and power

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